At South Coast Fire and Safety, we take great pride in the extraordinary service we deliver and the quality of the products we sell. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for every day. That means going the extra mile and doing the little things that inspire confidence in customers. Why? You hold the freedom to decide which companies to work with and exercise your right to explore what suits your strategic goals best. With that in mind, we believe that our attention to detail and memorable customer service have stood as our keys to success for nearly 31 years.

Browse our inventory of bunker gear, fire nozzles, fire resistant (FR) clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE), fire monitors, and more. Choose from quality brands, including Akron Brass, Firequip, MSA/Cairns, Quaker Safety, Scott Safety, Task Force Tips, Cinch, Ariat, Bulwark, Workrite and more. We only represent brands that believe in quality and think as we do---the customer comes first.

People are the difference makers

There’s much talk in regards to automation and machines performing the work of people. While that may be so, we believe that people are the heart and soul of a company, and our dedicated team living and working on the same page as you provides the type of collaboration you can depend on. That’s certainly true at South Coast Fire and Safety. From our sales team in the field to the workers on the loading dock, from the team that receives the orders to the shop floor that carries out the requests, our employees are the difference makers. It’s reflected in how they treat you, our customer.

The efforts of diligent people are undoubtedly behind your company’s success. It’s the executive with vision, the inspired base that rows the oars, the culture brimming with optimism. We have that in common, and it’s why we instinctively understand what you need and deliver it consistently.

Your right to choose fire and safety service providers and product suppliers is honored at South Coast Fire and Safety. You have choices in where you buy FR apparel, firefighting products, Bunker Gear, gear bags, fire monitors, firewater manifolds, firefighting foam, SCBA’s, valves, gates, and countless other protection products. If you choose South Coast Fire and Safety, it will be because of our people and how we treat you.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your business needs.

Quality saves lives

Worker safety depends on quality products. If there’s an accident or mishap, a worker’s protective clothing may well save their life. In dire situations, you want protective quality.

Product spotlight

Get our best sellers delivered directly to you. Personal protection equipment, firefighting equipment, FR clothing, utilities, safety products, and more.

Service is special

Exceeding expectations is what we do. It’s in the speed we process your order or answer your inquiry. It’s in the friendliness in our voices. It’s in our can-do attitude. Simply, it’s our customer first service approach.

Custom embroidery

We’ve been doing company uniform programs since 1987. Order fire-resistant and protective uniforms that feature your company’s logo or message. Use our online portal to simplify and streamline ordering by your employees.

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